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30 min toilet papaer holder

Here is a quick and simple toilet paper holder.

Toilet paper holde

I got sick of the toilet paper getting wet sitting on the counter so.
Took some quick measurements and made up a cad file.

Cad file here :

Outline (red layer) is cut through with the laser cutter and the cross line (purple layer) is decorative score and also marks where to bend.

Once cut out then using a heat gun get the acrylic soft and bend then hold in place until it hardens.

Made with 1/4 inch clear acrylic


Corset Progress

Latex lace corset WIP latex lace corset
Now finished ~40 hours in.
Finished pic’s eventually.

-custom steel boneing front and back
-3/4’’ waist tape
-speed lace rings on back
-hook and eye closure on front
-1mm metallic red latex
-.65mm metallic pewter latex

latex from sheetlatex.com