Super Street Fire gloves





Super street fire is an interactive fire instillation using motion sensing gloves that report data back to a gesture recognition program.

Here is a series of iterations of the SSF gloves.







30 min toilet papaer holder

Here is a quick and simple toilet paper holder.

Toilet paper holde

I got sick of the toilet paper getting wet sitting on the counter so.
Took some quick measurements and made up a cad file.

Cad file here :

Outline (red layer) is cut through with the laser cutter and the cross line (purple layer) is decorative score and also marks where to bend.

Once cut out then using a heat gun get the acrylic soft and bend then hold in place until it hardens.

Made with 1/4 inch clear acrylic


El Ribbon hood. 

My Death costume.

Death @ anime north 2013

Leather hood, with scale maille arm, el ribbon trim diffuesed behind silicone.

latex top, neoprene skirt and led scythe. 

 Hood electronics are simple. El-ribbon, Li-Pol pattery, sparkfun charger and 3v elwire inverter. Find the elwire rather inefficent. full charge of the 1200 mah battery gives me  only about 6h of use. Other complaint is the inverter is rather noisy. Future wearable lights will be all using LED. Myself and a friend at subspac


Another photo of the same hood but different look.


Corset Progress

Latex lace corset WIP latex lace corset
Now finished ~40 hours in.
Finished pic’s eventually.

-custom steel boneing front and back
-3/4’’ waist tape
-speed lace rings on back
-hook and eye closure on front
-1mm metallic red latex
-.65mm metallic pewter latex

latex from sheetlatex.com


ZATA OMM's Eight Ways From Mara (5 mins excerpts) choreographed by William Yong

ZATA OMM's Eight Ways From Mara (5 mins excerpts) choreographed by William Yong from Zata Omm on Vimeo.



Promotional excerpt from

Performed by Heather Berry-MacPhail, Kate Franklin, Erika-Leigh Howard, Nicholas Melymuk and William Yong
Choreography by William Yong
Original Music by Andrea Rocca
Video Design by Elysha Poirier
Lighting Design by Rebecca Picherack
Props and headpieces by Carl Penny
Stage Management by Ainsley Kendrick
Video documentation edited by Thomas Nagy

Premiered on DanceWorks Mainstage as part of the Harbourfront Centre's NextSteps.

Eight Ways From Mara is originally 70 minutes long. This production was generously funded by Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council, DanceWorks and BMO Financial Group.

For more info please visit:
Zata Omm

Yes I copied the vimeo page (am lazy). Is great to see my work in a professional production.