8WFM coming soon

Rather excited to see my work in the trailer. (the mask is my work)

Its working out that my fingerprints are all over this production.



Jade Outfit

For Fanexpo (among otherthings) I made a latex jade costume for Mika.

photo by ConVokePhoto by Geek Girls


Hexagon outfit

This kit was designed entirely with CAD software. Nothing fancy just take measurements and make curves. Basic pattern making skill here (need to work on that).
Free tools for this would be inkscape and open office spread sheet.

Process behind this is:
            Make some sketch; in my case doodle a plan on some random scrap of paper
            Take measurments
            Use spread sheet to devide according to planned design
            Draw it up in CAD
            Export to laser and cut
Paper parts were made first to test scale and fit (as well as one can test with paper)
Edits made; cut latex.
Hours of gluing and random profanity to assemble everything neatly

Optional things to do:
            Lose sleep
            Rush like hell
            Meet deadline by a hair.

Hexagon pattern is a laser cut appliqué.
Cut using the Site3 Laser (

Another photo on my deviantart page here

Model credits: Fenix Targaryen
Photographer & Make-up Artist credits: Jonah Fheonix
Latex sheeting from


Mini Maker faire 

Thanks to all who came to Toronto’s first mini Maker Faire. The response was amazing and encouraging. To see the look of confusion change to amazement was awesome. Seeing this repeatedly over two days really makes me think I have something. It’s not something that will ever sell to the masses; but those who after edgy wearable art will want my creations. Photos of my stuff are located on my deviant art page. (


Mag connector

Closed  OpenParts and pinsconnector with pinsNow in development: My own magnetic power connector. The dilemma was to power my led wearables without having batteries in every small thing. I have done this so far with disposable batteries; but now I want to use lithium polymer batteries.

These batteries are small but costly and have to have a special charger. Given the limitations it is preferable to have a single larger battery that powers everything.

Next problem shows itself when costume parts can be large, clumsy (wings) and need to be removed with ease. My solution is a power connector that will latch and break with ease.

A magnetic connector that will snap together and will not connect backwards.

Connector closed and open.


The colour code marks the direction of the magnet rather then the direction of current. This will mean all connectors are made the same.


I am using 2 1/8’ neodymium magnets in each connector in a laser cut acrylic housing. The wires will be secured to the magnets with conductive epoxy (pics are dry fit)


The connector housing is made in two parts one cut and etched for the wire, the second to fit the magnets.


Brass pins made to align the halves when gluing.