First success at half Persian weave.

Used: white EPDM rubber, titanium


Took me an age to get past the frustrating first few links. Using two colours helped greatly to figure this one out.


Dear game publishers. 

Why is it that when ever i buy a game i find myself far more inconvenienced then if i had just 'found' a copy?


LED Corset

Some party shots of another creation.Corset and hexagon top Corset back

Acrylic corset laser cut and etched. Heat molded.

led’s embedded powered by 2x AA


Relaxing at decomp 

Random party shot:

a nice blurry shot of relaxing inside of a death trap.

Decomp toronto. wearing the faceless cyborg kit


Halloween photos

With the passing of Halloween comes photos recovered from the party. From the photo booth.
here are two recovered from the subspace Halloween ball.

Was going for creepy and cool cyborg looking thing.

Clear plastic parts are acrylic. Cut sheet then molded with heat and care. Blue LED’s are imbedded and powered by a combination of Li-Pol and AAA batteries for the older pieces. My new power pack had become 3.7v Li-Pol battery and a constant current driver.  This allows me to simply stack LED’s in parallel with no series resistors.

Subspace Halloween ball. I'm bottom right.